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the Davis' Sewing Machines
Mercury 2100
Brother 60

A small, odd collection of sewing machines.


Welcome to our odd little website about sewing machines.  I say 'our' because the sewing machines collection is a joint venture; myself and my wife Tammy are in this one together!  No, they're not highly expensive machines, but they are odd and different since that's what catches our eyes.  Please enjoy viewing the machines and what information we can find about them; if we find more information about a particular machine at a later time, the page about it will be updated. 

Each page of this site features a particular model of machine.  Use the links in the vertical bar on the left for navigation.  Best viewed with browser window maximized.

All pictures and information on this site are by Will and Tammy Davis unless otherwise stated.  Credit for other pictures and data will be given.  Any errors are our responsibility alone.  Yes, you've found the furthest corner of the Davis Bros. website, including obsolete technologies like typewriters, slide rules, steam and early diesel locomotives, and now old sewing machines!

Click here for Portable Typewriters by Will Davis